WE HAVE PERMANENTLY CLOSED #SMOKINTONYSGUELPH. This post is a little late in coming BUT We needed some time for ourselves. 

We want to say "Thank You" to everyone who supported us the last few years. Family and friends who spent countless hours helping us out. We appreciate you more than you will ever know.

Our regulars meant the world to us!  We will greatly miss seeing you and hearing how things were going.

For those who just came to gripe about the food, we knew you just needed a free meal BUT we gave it to you anyway.

With so many costs going up, including rent, hydro, our suppliers, wages, etc., we just can't be competitive anymore.

It doesn't help us EITHER that
#Greenwin @greenwininc  greenwin inc. toronto NOW won't pay for close to $14,000 in DECEMBER cateringS THAT WERE BOOKED IN NOVEMBER. THE DAY OF THE FIRST OF TWO TO BE HELD AT LENA COURT, CAMBRIDGE  WE WERE TOLD THAT THEY HAD CONFIRMED WITH ANOTHER CATERER.  the third  one WAS at 1505 ottawa street, KITCHENER AND are now claiming that we did not do it!!  but we have 5 servers who were there!!  

Our FOOD supplier has been very Understanding but at the end of the day, when they say pay or no more food, THAT kind of makes the final decision for us.

We have poured blood sweat and tears into this place. We are sad to see it go.

We wish you all the very best and for better things to come in 2018.